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Micro Niche Finder Review

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Micro Niche Finder was developed by James J. Jones to allow Internet marketers to easily benefit from a successful two-step process for making money online. Take note that the key word here is “easily.” This is the time-tested procedure of getting traffic and then translating that traffic into profit. Some of the common techniques for diverting traffic are article marketing, pay per click advertising, email lists, back links, press releases, and affiliate advertising. There are also various ways to transform this traffic into profit as well and these include the generation of an email list and using it to sell products or services; the hosting of ads, such as AdSense, that are based on content search; pay per lead; developing a product of your own and selling it; and the promotion of other people’s products through affiliate marketing among others. Micro Niche Finder is one of our top recommendations here at for numerous reasons below, so please read the full review. We use it on a DAILY basis as part of our keyword research.

Now, before we go on, just some quick info. Are keyword research tools really necessary? We get that question a lot. The truth is, no, there are lots of available tools that are free and the prime and best example of them is Google’s own external keyword tool. However, you’ve all heard the phrase “time is money” – and that’s where keyword research tools come in. If you’re just starting out, you can do everything that Micro Niche Finder or Market Samurai (our other top choice) do. However, the likelihood is that you WON’T do all of it because it is simply too time consuming. When we first got started in online marketing a few years back, we didn’t use keyword tools and we took a lot of shortcuts because of it. Our success only came later after we were able to refine our keyword research and I personally believe a lot of that had to do with the tools. Keyword research tools provide you with a wealth of information, but in the end, you still have to make the decision and part of it is still an educated guess. Most all of the tools try to create a magic “formula” and honestly, none of those work. Use things like the SOC (strength of competition) in Micro Niche Finder as just another piece of information in your research process – it’s not a magic bullet. So, that being said, let’s get to it…

Special Features

The strength of Micro Niche Finder is that it helps you discover those keyword phrases that have much less competition but offer you a much better chance of bringing traffic to your site. These are much more specific phrases that are often overlooked by Internet marketers but as it turns out, people who type these phrases are usually the ones who are more serious about making a purchase. This is only natural because they are the ones who already know what they want. On the other hand, people who use generic keywords are still unsure about what they will finally buy. Thus, the beauty of the Micro Niche Finder product is that these terms do not require a large volume of site visitors because they have a much higher conversion rate compared to the generic terms.

The first step is to perform a search for a broad keyword phrase. Before that, you may wish to configure the options of what data you want to see and how. Personally, we only use exact match criteria for all of our keyword research (rarely do we look at broad match). The reason is just that we have found the exact match numbers to be more realistic and less “interpreted” than the broad match. Tracking sites that have #1 rankings for a given keyword and expected click throughs for that ranking/niche, After you do a search and get back a broad level of results, the fun is just getting started.

A handy tool is the Strength of Competitor (SOC) Indicator, which uses a colored button beside a keyword to show you whether it is a hot niche or not. If the button is colored red, it means that there is too much competition for that particular keyword so that you need not waste your time for that one. The color green indicates that this is a hot keyword while the color yellow shows that it is somewhere in between red and green. Thus, to find your easier keywords to go after, you simply look for the ones with the green buttons. This is great in concept, and we use it a lot. But we recommend using this as a “first pass” and then doing your own more specific research on the competition. In other words I wouldn’t just go after a “green” – I’d throw it into Market Samurai first and check the top ten results for that keyword exhaustively. The SOC, however, is a great feature (probably the strongest feature) of Micro Niche Finder and is a very useful “filter” to use to get from thousands to hundreds to “tens” of keywords to pursue.

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Other Features

But Micro Niche Finder does not simply assist you in diverting traffic to your site; it also suggests five ways to convert that traffic into income streams. One of these methods is the use of Yahoo Answers to promote the affiliate services and products. Still another way to earn commissions from affiliate services and products is to find those overlooked keywords and promote them using article marketing (our personal favorite approach). You may also use the hot keywords as profitable topics for Squidoo lenses or other web 2.0 properties. The fourth way is to generate packages for private label rights (PLR) articles that other marketers would be very willing to buy. Finally, you can take advantage of emerging markets that you might discover through the help of this unique keyword search tool.

Another very good feature that Micro Niche Finder supports is the background queue. The concept is simple, really. Rather than executing your search detailed queries immediately, you can queue them up and it will run in the background and pull in the information over time without red flagging Google by trying to get it too quickly. This is a great way to avoid temporary IP bans or limits that Google imposes if you go at it too fast or too heavy. A wise strategy is to make a multiple pass approach. Get the keywords and then delete the ones that don’t make sense before getting the exact counts or SOC values. Then grab the exact counts first. Then, again, prune down your list before you go off and retrieve SOC values (the most “costly” operation in terms of likelihood of getting your IP filtered). Alternatively, you can use the costing data (if you’re looking to create an Adsense site, for example) to prune down your list of keywords before retrieving exact counts and/or SOC values.

The Results

Here’s the bottom line. We wouldn’t do keyword research without Micro Niche Finder. Here at we use a lot of tools and some of them we use “occasionally”. There are, however, a select few that we give our “highest” endorsement – Micro Niche Finder (along with Market Samurai) is one.

Keyword research is really fundamental to everything you do on the Internet. No matter what your business or objectives, it all starts with solid keyword research. So, from that standpoint, keyword research tools are probably the most important tools you can use. Personally we find that Micro Niche Finder is a great tool for broad research, but not an ideal tool for detailed research (for that we recommend Market Samurai). We use these two tools – Micro Niche Finder and Market Samurai – almost exclusively for keyword research. As a general rule of thumb, we start out with MNF to get a broad set of keywords to go after and then zoom in on each of them with the precision of Market Samurai to really glean the fine level details. That is the same strategy we would recommend for you. Micro Niche Finder is great at getting you to a large list of keyword “candidates”. But you’re not going to find detailed analysis of the competitors for those keywords on page #1, etc… like you will in Market Samurai. Conversely, we aren’t terribly fond of Market Samurai’s ability to get to that broad list of keywords so in our opinion they are both “must haves”.

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What We Don’t Like About Micro Niche Finder

All in all, Micro Niche Finder is a terrific tool and should be added to every Internet Marketers toolchest (in our opinion). That being said, we’re pretty picky and there are some things that we’re not super fond of. The interface is good, but it could be better. It forces you to do a lot of “clicking” around to select/deselect keywords, etc… tiresome and cumbersome. It would nice to see some sub-filtering on your result sets or the addition of stop works and negatives so that you could quickly remove items from your results.

Also missing is support for Macs – so if you’re not a Windows lover (okay, “user”) you’ll be forced to go through some sort of emulator to get it working. Lastly, and this one personally is probably our biggest gripe, is the lack of support for software level proxies. Proxy lists come in handy when doing a lot of repetitive query or keyword research because Google can issue temporary IP bans that shut you down for hours at a time. Using software proxies is a very effective way of bypassing those issues and speeding up the keyword research process. Unfortunately (as confirmed from support) MNF only supports hardware proxies at this time.


As mentioned above, the price is quite low given all of its features. Many keyword research tools and products on the market require monthly subscriptions – MNF does not and we applaud them for that. Its one-time purchase price of $99.99 is well worth it. If you could only buy one product to get your Internet Marketing efforts kicked into high gear, we’d recommend that first purchase was a keyword research tool because fundamentally most all of your success online will stem from the research you put into your site and the market sustaining it.

Micro Niche Finder Bonus Offer

Micro Niche Finder is an amazing tool to find you some untapped keywords, but without content to chase after those terms with, what good does it do you. If you purchase Micro Niche Finder through our link we will send you four (4) FREE custom written SEO articles. The articles are provided by, so you can be assured they are top quality, 100% unique articles, and each 400-500 word article will be custom tailored to your exact keyword or topic of choice. And though you can’t get a Micro Niche Finder coupon directly, you will also receive a 10% off coupon code for any future orders from To redeem your bonus simply follow these Micro Niche Finder Bonus instructions. Once we confirm your purchase was made through our link, you will receive your bonuses.

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