Quick Guide to Article Spinning Syntax

Article Spinning Syntax

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We get tons of questions like “what is the spin syntax for (unique article wizard or spin distribute or any other tool here)?” or “what is the difference between MyArticleNetwork and SEO Linkvine spin syntax?” So today I thought it would be good to do a quick blog post on the different spinning syntax’s out there and which tools use which.

Nested Spinning Versus Flat Spinning

First of all, we need to talk about the two types of spinning – flat spinning and nested spinning. Flat spinning is also called simple spun format or single level spun or also Jet format – but all of these names mean the same thing. A flat spun article only has one level of spinning, not multiple levels. A nested spun format, like The Best Spinner native format, allows you to spin phrases within phrases or multiple levels of spinning. Now, different tools support different levels of nested spinning as well – you’ll have to consult your individual tool for those numbers, but honestly 2 or 3 levels is all you will normally need.

Let’s describe both nested spun and flat spun with a sample.

Sample sentence.

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Flat spun example:

The {quick|fast} {brown|gray|red} fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Nested spun example:

The {quick {brown|red|gray}|smart} fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Note that in this sample there are 2 levels of spinning and the output would be:

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
The quick red fox jumped over the lazy dog.
The quick gray fox jumped over the lazy dog.
The smart fox jumped over the lazy dog.

So you may ask, “What’s the big deal with nested? Why do I need it?”. Well we use it every single day and honestly it’s a pain in the a** when the program we’re dealing with does not accept nested spun content. Fortunately, at our request, Jon Leger modified his The Best Spinner software to directly convert from nested spun to flat spun format. Thanks again Jon! Here is the situation where you will most use the nested format, although there are many others. The way we use article spinners and the way we recommend you use them is a combination of manual and automatic work. The first thing we do is go through and manually rewrite every single sentence two or more times. This produces much more textual variation than simple synonym replacement (the search engines are not as dumb as you might think). Then we go back through and do synonym level spinning as well. Step three is to set a few of the sentences or paragraphs to optional as well for even more variation. If you follow this approach, you will have to have a nested spinner. Here’s what the content would look like:

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This would be the first pass, where you would manually rewrite each sentence (two versions in this example):

{The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.|While just taking a siesta the dog was startled by a quick brown fox that leaped right over him.}

And here is what it would look like after a second pass of synonym replacement:

{The {quick|fast|speedy} brown fox {jumped|leaped|hopped} {over|right over|over the top of} the {lazy|sluggish|care-free|relaxing} dog.|{While|Although} just {taking|having} a{| little| quick} {siesta|nap} the dog was {startled|shocked|surprised} by a {quick|fast|speedy} {brown|dark brown|brownish} fox that {leaped|jumped} right {over|over the top of} him.}

Using this technique will produce some pretty good spun content as you have multiple seeded original versions with variations. On top of that, we recommend you always write more than you need and make some of the sentences optional as well. If you look in the above example you will see that there is an optional section of {| little| quick} that precedes “siesta or nap”. Now if you look carefully you will see that the first parameter is blank because immediately after the curly bracket is a pipe sign meaning that the first parameter is “empty”.


Pay Attention To Optional Phrase/Sentence Syntax
Note in the example above the careful use of spaces. When you use optional words, phrases or complete sentences you need to be cognizant of the way the interpreter will handle spaces so that you get the desired end result. Otherwise you will have sentences or words that are crammed together with no spaces in between, too many spaces, etc…


Okay, so now you understand the basics – nested and flat spun syntax. So let’s move on to the specifics. By far the most prevalent format of spinning syntax is the Jet format – both in flat or nested variations. This is what The Best Spinner uses, Magic Article Rewriter uses, Rapid Rewriter ues, Automatic Article Submitter, Unique Article Wizard and many, many others. Quite simply it uses left and right curly brackets to delimit a spinning block and pipe signs to separate versions. So, here’s an example:

The {blue|red|green} balloon.

Or a nested sample…

The attorney was {{|very }{fast|quick}|aggressive} with the settlement.

Spin Distribute uses a little different syntax as it replaces the curly brackets with square brackets and only supports the flat spun format. In essence it is the same as the Jet format, but with square instead of curly brackets.


The [blue|red|green] balloon.

Lastly are My Article Network, ArticlesRanks and Article Marketing Automation. They both use an odd 2 level nested syntax that is different on each level. The first level uses the curly brackets for the spinning block and tilda’s for version delimiters, the second level uses square brackets for the spinning block and pipe signs for the version delimiters.


{This is the [first|very first] sentence.~This is [another|yet another] version.}

Most of the programs out there will fit into one of these three categories above.

Summary Table of Article Submission Software Spinning Syntax


Tool Spinning Format Syntax
Article Marketing Automation 2 Level Nested MAN Format
Article Ranks 2 Level Nested MAN Format
Article Submit Auto Flat Spun Jet Format
Automatic Article Submitter multi-level nested Nested Jet Format
Content Crooner No Spun Support N/A
Jet Submitter Flat Spun {a|b|c|d}
Magic Article Rewriter Multi-Level Nested Nested Jet Format
MyArticleNetwork 2 Level Nested {a~[b|c]~d}
Rapid Rewriter Multi-Level Nested Nested Jet Format
SEO Linkvine Nested MAN Format or Jet Format (flat or nested)
Spin Distribute Flat Spun [a|b|c|d]
The Best Spinner multi-level Nested Nested Jet Format
Unique Article Wizard Nested Nested Jet Format


NOTE: Backlink Solutions supports spinning, but the blurbs you post in cannot be spun, so you use an article spinner (their’s or The Best Spinner – our recommendation) to create the spun variations and them paste them into Backlink Solutions. However, if you use The Best Spinner, you can directly output all of the versions – up to 250 of them – into one single text stream file that you can simply paste right into BLS and upload all 250 versions at once.

NOTE: It should also be noted that the various article spinning software programs out there – Magic Article Rewriter, Rapid Rewriter, The Best Spinner – while they may work in a native format generally convert to various output formats.

If all this is a bit much or Article Spinning is a new concept to you should should check out our Article Spinning Guide (click here). It is an exhaustive 51 page eBook that covers every single aspect of Article Spinning and how to do it properly for post-Panda SEO that works! Best of all it is super affordable… check it out!


Well, I hope that answers some of your questions about spinning syntax and comparisons between various programs and tools. If not, drop us a comment/question and we’ll expand further!


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  • Wow, thanks for the great resource. I didn’t realize there were so many flavors of spinning out there. I just use The Best Spinner – hadn’t even heard of these others…

  • This is an awesome resource. I think this is great – this is a serious review of some IM tools – both positive and negative. Really good site. I use Best Spinner by the way (I first used ContentBoss)

  • I’ve used both Magic Article Rewriter and The Best Spinner. And you’re right in your recommendations, The Best Spinner is aptly named!

  • OMG, don’t you think that there would be a bigger chance of having an unreadable final product if we use too much nested spinning???

  • If you use nesting wisely, you get {a wide variaty of|very different} articles.

    I try to spin my articles first on paragraph level. If you divide your article in stand alone paragraphs on the same subject and write enough paragraphs, you can easily make a paragraph based spin level.

    Try to rewrite every sentence of every paragraph 3 times. This is your second spin level within the paragraph level.

    As a third level you can spin words within the sentences. Try to psin at least every other fourth word.

    If you follow this tactic, you will get higly different articles and they should stay readable.


  • That’s a really great summary of all the various spintax formats that are available.

    I can get quite confusing with the different formats and I’ve found that creating hyperlinks in spintax format can be quite error prone.

    I created a free tool called Spintaxer that anyone can use to help them generate spintax for hyperlinks.

  • There is not the slightest need to spin. It’s intensely time-consuming and almost always wrecks the sense of your article. Not Google nor any of the article sites penalize you in any way for duplicate content.

    In fact they damn well expect it. Wake up and smell the flowers guys. How come I’m not an SEO pundit by a long shot and I know this? This would have to be one of the biggest Internet lies there is.

    I Don’t expect you to publish this, just find some ethics.

  • Wow Harry – you’re pretty mad…

    If you were a long time follower of the site you’d know that we are very pragmatic about article spinning and, correct, there is absolutely NO PENALTY for duplicate content – we’ve written about that many times. Your attack on our ethics, however, is uncalled for. We’re not fanatics on either end of the “article spinning” debate – we’re practical. It all depends on your “objective” of what you’re using the content for. We don’t do article marketing for human consumption – nor do we recommend that – we perform article marketing for links, plain and simple.

    Most of the networks out there require spun content in order to publish it so if you want to get the links you’ve got to give them the spun content. If you submit unspun content to My Article Network, SEO Linkvine, Spin Distribute, Unique Article Wizard or others, well, you’re simply not going to get much return (links). Furthermore, there are other reasons for spinning that have nothing to do with the bogus duplicate content myth. If you are targeting multiple keyword phrases and anchor text variations spinning the anchor text inside of your article is very effective for creating a more natural link building profile. Spinning the title of your article is also very effective at targeting multiple keywords from a single piece of content. Like most any subject in life that is strongly debated, there are fanatics on both sides – we encourage people to examine both ends of the spectrum and make up their own mind. We spin and recommend it for various reasons that are beneficial towards SEO objectives.

    Thanks for your post, and yes, we did publish it… we generally approve all posts regardless of which side of the debate they fall on unless they are clearly defamatory or non-constructive – even those “insulting our ethics”…

    NOTE: If you’d read our free eBook you’d see that we discuss this very topic in detail and that Lie #3 in the eBook talks about the duplicate content penalty where we state:

    “This myth has been debunked several times over, but I believe it is still worth bringing up because even to this day a large percentage of new marketers don’t understand it.”


  • Thats really informative, it seems like if you want results that are at least worthy of a reader you have to combine an element of manual editing. Cheers

  • Can you recommend any FREE software that can be used to preview an article that has been manually spun?

    And by manually spun, I mean that the braces and brackets are already there. I just want to know how the final articles might look like after running them through the software. Thank you.

  • This is a great article and extremely informative. Just starting to get a hold of Spinning and this was great..

  • Can somebody for the Love of the earth tell me how to divide titles in MAN when spinning from Article APPS.

  • Really useful thanks, been looking for a guide to do this for ages!



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