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SEOLinkvine Review

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Overview of SEOLinkvine

SEOLinkVine is a BRAND NEW service brought to you by Brad Callen, it has just been officially released to the public, so this is a preliminary review. It should be pointed out that there are services that are somewhat similar to it, like Matt Callen’s MyArticleNetwork (MAN) or ArticleMarketingAutomation (AMA) and this particular service is based on a similar concept. In fact it appears to be a carbon copy of MAN albeit they say it is unique. But what SEOLinkvine provides you is link diversity with a whole new set of sites to provide you backlinks. The basic concept is they match those who need to submit articles to a ton of websites for the purpose of backlinks with those who need content for their sites, again not a unique concept, but it is a win win as proven by the likes of MyArticleNetwork and ArticleMarketingAutomation and even Unique Article Wizard. But while MAN and AMA both share the exact same system and network, SEO Linkvine is a completely new system and network of sites, providing link diversity, (this was verified with support).

The Structure

So on the outside the service looks like a duplicate of My Article Network and Article Marketing Automation. The interface, while it has been redone with a fresh look is basically the same in concept. There are however a few additions which SEOLinkvine has and that MAN and AMA do not. #1. When you add a project, you are able to assign a project name to your article. This is a feature that is lacking in MAN and AMA and one that we love and need. We have hundreds of spun articles we regularly pump through MAN, keeping track of them is a bear. Being able to group them into projects is a necessity for us and for anyone else with many sites to promote. This is a feature that SEO Linkvine has and MAN or AMA does not when comparing SEOLinkvine to MyArticleNetwork or ArticleMarketingAutomation.

Another feature that SEO Linkvine has and MyArticleNetwork and ArticleMarketingAutomation do not have, is that it does not show the spun titles on the article view page. Let me explain, with the others we would load an article and then go check it out in my article view. The title is spun, so it would have a different title every time in my article view, which drove us insane. With SEOLinkvine they show the full title with spin syntax included, allowing a unique title when sifting through your articles. This is huge for us as well.

As for the remaining features, thus far the rest seems to be on par with MAN and AMA. You can add three (3) links into the body of each article, no need for cheesy resource boxes like UAW etc. The articles get published to blogs where the owners are not allowed to alter your articles. I am not sure how well they police this, but for the most part people leave them alone. We have seen some instances of people removing our links in MAN and suspect the same will occur with SEOLinkvine. But you take the good with the bad knowing that 90% of the users will abide by the rules and the remaining 10% will eventually go away.

For users who are not familiar with the other products here is what it does in a nutshell. Just like any procedure utilized in article marketing, you need to produce articles and insert your backlinks in them for your coveted keywords. However, instead of submitting your articles to hundreds of directories and hoping that a large number of other website owners will pickup your article and re-post it on their websites, you simply submit your articles to SEO Linkvine and they will handle the article submission to their member sites who are simply standing by and waiting for your articles, with your links and all. They want content, you want backlinks, everybody wins. This is exactly how MAN and AMA work, so we can tell you from our results with those networks, that this process works, and works really well.

Spin Away

One of the great features of SEOlinkvine is it’s ability to “spin” articles. While using it, the spinning was very much the same as MAN and AMA, which is great because we have always loved their interface. And just like MAN and AMA you don’t have to spin your content, but it is strongly advised if you want to maximize your distribution, most blog owners will more than likely reject your content if it isn’t spun, and they will see the percentage at which it is spun, so you can’t game the system. What is great for us is that you can take a pre-formatted, spun article and paste it in, unlike UAW whose spinning mechanism can be cumbersome at times, to say the least.

Other Features

Overall, SEOLinkVine appears to offer yet another great service to improve site traffic through the use of a blog network. It also provides an important service for website owners who need to acquire unique articles on a regular basis. Not to mention it’s being released by Brad Callen, which has always done us right with products such as Keyword Elite and SEO Elite, and I am sure it doesn’t hurt that his brother Matt own’s My Article Network, so maybe some tips have been shared.

The most powerful features here are first the size the of the network and second the ability to easily distribute your articles to it. The network just opened today 3/31/2010. We have submitted a couple articles, so we cant speak for the size of the distribution just yet, but we will be reporting back on that shortly. However based on the claims of network size, I would expect similar results to MAN and AMA.

The beauty is we can load articles and let them distribute on autopilot until you either delete the articles or cancel your service. So the backlinking effects can be compounded over time.

Another great feature that SEOLinkvine appears to have that My Article Network and Article Marketing Automation do not have is that you can select how many articles you want to be sent out on any given day, and how many total before distribution stops. Us personally we max it out. But others may wish to stagger that. We will be adding dozens of articles on a daily basis and once they are entered, it is set it and forget it. Just sit back and watch the backlinks come in over time. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

The Results

What SEO Linkvine presents us is NOT a replacement for MAN or AMA, it is an addition, we now have a whole new set of sites to get backlinks from. We will continue to use MAN, UAW, ASA, Linkvana, BLS, and a few other private networks, this will not change that, we will simply be adding SEOLinkvine to the mix for link diversity which is always important for us. At the time of this writing we haven’t been able to see what the network will actually return in the form of backlinks, but as stated earlier I have a feeling it will be on par with AMA and MAN. We will be editing this review later once we have some progress reports on article distribution.

UPDATE (4/1/2010) – It has been about 32 hours since I submitted a test article in the real estate niche into SEO Linkvine. Thus far the article has been picked up by 28 websites and going strong. I have received 7 pingbacks, 1 site was PR2, 2 sites were PR1 the remaining four were PR0. Pretty much on par with AMA and MAN.

UPDATE (4/2/2010) – 56 hours since I submitted a test article in the real estate niche into SEO Linkvine. Thus far the article has been picked up by a total of 39 websites and going strong.

UPDATE (4/7/2010) – 7 days since I submitted a test article in the real estate niche into SEO Linkvine. Thus far the article has been picked up by a total of 74 websites and still going.

UPDATE (4/23/2010) – 23 days since I submitted a test article in the real estate niche into SEO Linkvine. Thus far the article has been picked up by a total of 184 websites and still going.


As was already mentioned, this service is quite similar to the service that is available at My Article Network or Article Marketing Automation, and so the price is the same as well at $67. Each service uses a network of websites who are looking for unique articles to publish on their sites. Each system boast 1000′s of sites, each system requires their publishers to spin their articles so each distributed article is unique, and each system has an amazingly simple interface. To us that’s worth $67 all day long. From a simplicity and interface standpoint SEOLinkvine looks to be better, from a results standpoint, well that remains to be seen, but thus far it has produced a wider distribution than we have been receiving with MAN as of late.

SEOLinkvine Bonus Offer

SEOLinkvine presents us with another blog network to distribute our spun articles too, but you cant distribute spun articles without spun content. If you purchase SEOLinkvine through our link we will send you two (2) FREE SEOLinkvine spun and ready articles each month you stay subscribed to SEOLinkvine. The articles are provided by, so you can rest assured they are high quality, 100% custom written articles that after each spin are between 400-500 words. You will also receive a 10% off coupon code for any future orders of spun articles from You wont find an SEOLinkvine coupon code here, but you our coupon code can save you more. To redeem your bonus simply follow these SEO Linkvine Bonus instructions. Once we confirm your purchase was made through our link, you will receive your bonuses.

Comparing SEOLinkvine versus MyArticleNetwork


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UPDATE (3/31/2010) – SEOLinkvine was only opened for about 15 minutes. They SOLD OUT. Brad will be opening up the network again on a first come first serve basis. To get on the waiting list, simply CLICK HERE or on the Visit Website button above and enter your name and email address.

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42 Customer Reviews

  • Ah, it’s too late, it sold out :(

  • Carlos, just click on the Visit Website button and get on the notification list. It will open again soon.

  • thanks for the review – I’m on Brad’s list of IM’ers to hit up, but as a service to my clients on Elance, this diversity of backlinks, as you mention, is icing on the cake. Your article was really informative – I signed up through the email, sorry, otherwise your content here is worth the residual payment thru the aff link.

    actually, i see you have a TON of IM links below…so you may have just won my business. thanks for a solid review, comparing and contrasting various products (I thought only UAW provided this service). You’ll be getting some CTR’s and sales thru me definitely.

    As a writer myself, I can always appreciate a well-thought-out piece.


  • by the way, do you know if the PR’s for the network’s blogs are available, or have a general idea? also – what syntax does the spinner use on this service?






  • Hey James, great questions. I do not know the PR of the blogs, we just submitted some articles and I will wait to see what kind of sites send me pingback’s on my deep links. However they don’t claim any specific PR either. If you are looking for guaranteed higher pagerank blogs you should be looking at Linkvana or Backlink Solutions

    On the spinning, that’s a little less than straightforward to answer. If you use the spinning capabilities built into SEOLinkvine it will use the same format that TheBestSpinner uses – { a | b | c }. However, what is nice about SEO Linkvine is that it has support for various formats and if you paste in spun content from MyArticleNetwork, for example, with the {word1~word2} syntax, it will work just fine as well. So natively it’s the { | } but it is compatible with others as well. Hope that helps.

  • Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use55555
    Network Size55555

    I’m gonna have to agree with your review. So far I am impressed with its ease of use, and my articles are getting picked up everyday by other sites. I have to ask you, how do you know what sites are picking up your articles, because I don’t see that?

  • Jones, I am able to see what sites are picking up my articles because I am sending links to a blog post. When another blog links to mine I get a pingback. I can then see what site is linking to mine. Hope that helps. BTW this doesn’t always work, it general, some sites have that turned off. I have only received pingbacks from about 10% of the sites that picked up my articles.

    Thanks for stopping by,


  • Admin and Jones…

    Finding posts is easy – just use a phrase from the post and put it in double quotes and enter into Google – you’ll find out where they are that way – I do it all the time with my MyArticleNetwork posts, or, you can use a Google alert as well on the allintitle search but that can be a bit tricky with spun titles…

    BTW, I’m not sure why everyone is getting worked up about seolinkvine – to me it just looks like a copy of MyArticleNetwork and i know that MAN works ‘cuz i’ve been using it for months now – my advice, just wait on seolinkvine and go with MAN…

  • I hate when marketers do this scarcity garbage. Why would someone open up the doors for 15 minutes and then close them down right away when they can be making money. It’s simply myarticlenetwork with a new look, nothing original here, not even the scarcity tactics are original.

  • Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use55555
    Network Size55555

    I joined yesterday during launch, (I used your link btw, will be emailing your for my bonus articles soon) I immediately added a couple articles and they have been picked up by 12 and 11 sites so far. The interface is about as simple as it can get. I don’t expect the moon here, just backlinks, and all backlinks help in my opinion regardless of the sites page rank. I now use UAW, SLV and MAS, and I use TheBestSpinner to generate spun content. I will be canceling MAN since SLV provides me the same thing from a better interface with more features. I will be joining either Linxboss or Linkvana through your link next week, so get another bonus ready guys. I am leaning towards Linxboss, the automation sounds awesome to me.

  • Web-based it is right

  • Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use55555
    Network Size55555

    I also use Myarticlenetwork for article submition, along with SEOLinkvine I am getting my sites up in rankings for long tail.

  • I actually just recently signed up for My Article Network, and I’m thinking it is the same thing in a new package. Heck it could be the same sites for all we know.

    But I’m not bashing either of them. If they work they work, hands down. I personally use Free Traffic System and it works pretty well.

  • Overall Rating22222
    Ease Of Use44444
    Network Size22222

    I tried it out, but I canceled.

    #1 The site has been down with a critical database error too many times for me – kind of frustrating when you are ready to do some work and the site is down and out again. I have never had this problem with UAW.

    #2. When I first joined I added some articles and they got picked up pretty good, but lately I have articles in there that haven’t even been distributed after a few days (This could have something to do with the critical database errors) UAW distributes my articles when I tell them to.

    Stick with UAW, its proven.

  • Hi AZ Bike,

    Thanks for all the comments and rankings. We have seen the same things occurring to our articles lately as well, we are hoping this is just temporary growing pains, because we were seeing great distribution with SLV up until this point. But right now we have to say stick with MAN or UAW to fill this need until they take care of their problems.



  • Overall Rating44444
    Ease Of Use55555
    Network Size44444

    Been using SEO linkvine in a competitive niche. The distribution seems to be steady and it looks like a good addition to the arsenal.

    Cant say how good actual push from the network is, since the tool was pointed to the site in competitive niche which already gets a large amount of links from diverse sources.

  • I agree with AZ Bike, seems that articles that should be picked up in a good niche get only 1-5 after days. Where as once UAW gets approved I see 100s within days showing up in the serps

  • Overall Rating33333
    Ease Of Use44444
    Network Size22222

    Sorry for the double posting forgot to add my ‘star ratings’
    In any event I agree with AZ Bike as it seems that the articles are not getting picked up and seems that the distribution is a bit slow. With UAW I get pingbacks within hours of the article being published and 100s of links in the serps within days. I am going to try MAN.

  • How long do the articles have to be when submiting to seolinkvine?

  • SEO LInkvine requires 300 words or more. But, this is a little bit confusing because of the spinning. So you’ll want to probably write about 325 words or so – that way even after spinning with some smaller length phrases and such you should still be over the 300 word minimum…


  • Overall Rating22222
    Ease Of Use44444
    Network Size22222

    I don’t get what all the fuss is about this product. This blog network is garbage for the price. Most of the sites and backlinks are PR 0 and syndication is also terrible. I’m averaging 10 published articles/submission. Your money is much better spent using a service like UAW for cheap blog network links. For $20 more a month you get a ton more backlinks with less articles written. Not to mention some of the sites on UAW are more established.

    I personally like this website, but giving this product 4 stars overall is terrible review work. Yes, the interface is flawless and Brad did a great job there. The problem lies in the limited network size and the limited syndication you get per articles submitted.

    Sorry if I seem harsh, but for your best bang for your buck, stick to something like UAW, MAN, or BuildMyRank (which is very promising for around $60 per month with an outsourcer dedidcated to posting links to your pages).

  • Hi Adam, thanks for the feedback… Just a couple of quick points in response to your comment.

    The 4 star rankings come from users just like yourself… We only write the reviews here, the rankings are submitted by the users. Just wanted to be very clear on that fact.

    SLV does primarily have PR0 sites, as do most of the tools in this category – including UAW. You’re correct that UAW does have some more established sites, but by far the vast majority of the links will also be PR0. BuildMyRank is really a completely different beast – a private blog network rather than a public network like the others – but the price point is close indeed.


  • Thanks Troy for the comment and clarifying the categories. I wasn’t directly taking a shot at your review… I realized afterward that your system computes the ratings of the users.

    Really do appreciate this site.

  • You’re welcome Adam… No worries, I didn’t take it personally, I just wanted to make that point in case other users perhaps had come to that same conclusion about the rankings system.

    Glad you like the site!



  • Hi Adam,

    I want to chime in here as well. As of right now, I agree with you. SLV came out of the gate extremely impressive and we were getting very good distributions out their system at first, but lately, for at least the last month if not longer – it has gone downhill. I am not sure if they have too many subscribers for the requests, not enough sites, or more than likely a combination of each, but the distributions have gone way down. As for the PR0 sites, we fully expect that out of this type of network, that is the sole reason we use it, for wider distributions, by no means do we ever expect to get great results from a public network alone. At this time, until SLV gets better, we recommend UAW or MAN over them for this category, as well as Spin Distribute, if you had to pick just one that is. We still use all of them combined for maximum distributions.

    BTW While we are extremely impressed with Build My Rank, we have been getting great results with Blog Blueprint for some time as well, and they just released it with SEO Blueprint, you may want to take a look at that.

    BTW2 – The star ratings, as you figured out, are more of an Amazon style rating system – by users for users. To get an idea of the products we rank highly we created our Best of Page Here.

    Thanks for the comments and ratings, keep em coming!


  • Wow you have a great post here.Thanks very much!

  • Wonderful blog thanks a ton to share the post. I have been searching for last two days. I really appreciate the way you presented.

  • I am a beginner and I’m on a tight budget right now. So although I understand that it is best to have several tools in your toolchest, I have to start with one right now. Would you say that UAW is the best choice if I have to choose only one tool for now?

  • UAW is a great choice, however if your budget is tight the monthly may become an issue and too many quit too soon because they don’t want to pay monthly fees anymore. There is no point of joining any of these services if you cant commit to a long term strategy. So I would recommend a submitter such as Article Marketing Demon or Article Marketing Robot to get your feet wet, no excuses their on having monthly fees, it’s a one time charge.

    You could also try SpinDistrubute it is pay as you go and offers a great service:

    I hope that helps,


  • This has to be the worst service I have tried. The distribution rate is so miserably slow, that it would take decades to submit to their supposed network. For example, an article I submitted over a week ago has 0 approvals and 0 declines. Other articles, which have been in the system for a few months have under 20 approvals.

    The bottom line is if you want results, and have a limited budget, avoid SEO Link Vine. SLV offers a horrible return on investment for online marketers.

  • Overall Rating11111
    Ease Of Use44444
    Network Size11111

    Hi Bill,

    I have to agree – they went from great to decent to crappy in a short amount of time. I am even going to put in my star ratings on this product, since you didn’t.

    I would try ArticleRanks.



  • Overall Rating11111
    Ease Of Use44444
    Network Size11111

    I took you up on the suggestion. I just purchased 10 credits from ArticleRanks through your link to see how it goes. And I’ll leave my feedback for SLV because I forgot to last time. :)

  • Hi guys

    Firstly, thanks a lot for all of the great content here.
    I Joined seolinkvine few days ago and I hope that you will be able to help me with one issue:

    I’m trying to add spun ready articles to seolinkvine and when I choose to view the article and select the “spin article” button everything is fine except one thing:
    I see the anchor text and not the link by itself.
    For example I will see the text my article link and not the keyword “my article link” highlighted in blue with the link inside it (like in myarticlenetwork and articleranks).

    When I paste my spun article with the html source option it solves the problem but I will lose the spaces between the lines.

    I tried to copy some of my articles directly from the html source of articleranks to the html source of seolinkvine.
    While doing so, it solves the problem for most of the articles, however for a few articles seolinkvine doesn’t recognize the link source and I get “null” command inside the links html source so sometimes the link will be and not

    Have you noticed similar problem? Any help will be much appreciated.
    Thanks again for you great content and honest reviews

  • Hi Omri,

    Sorry but we don’t provide support for the product… if it was easy and I had the answer off the top of my head I’d be glad to help you but I’m afraid on this one you’re gonna want to send off a helpdesk ticket…



  • Overall Rating33333
    Ease Of Use11111
    Network Size44444

    I’m just about to sign up for SEO LinkVine but I’m still thinking of getting SEO Nuke. I think I still need to do research and make some comparison between the two. Thanks for this post. Does SEOLinkVine still helps SEO since Google has changed their Algo quite recently?

  • There’s really nothing to compare – these are two separate types of products – would be an apples and oranges comparison…

    We’re no longer recommending SEO Linkvine due to poor publishing rates, but recommend Unique Article Wizard or My Article Network instead and no, the update has not had a negative impact on their effectiveness.


  • This actually answered the drawback, thanks!

  • I wouldn’t recommend UAW. Waste of time

  • Overall Rating11111
    Ease Of Use44444
    Network Size11111

    I paid over $500 to get a lifetime membership earlier this year. What a waste of money! Lucky if an article gets posted to 10 sites. I think as the PR of blogs in the network goes up, they spin them off into a new network of blogs and then try to get you to sign up for that…at an additional cost. They’ve been spinning new blog networks off at about 1 per month. Avoid this and go with AMA or Traffic Kaboom. I get around 50 posts per article with AMA and around 70 with Traffic Kaboom.

  • I have been using SEOLinkVine for over a year in both methods – submitting content for backlinks to some of my blogs, and for getting content for other blogs that I am trying to season with content. This is a great product – as most of Brad Callen’s are – and I highly recommend it.

  • I must thank you for the efforts you’ve put in penning this site. I am hoping to see the same high-grade blog posts by you later on as well. In truth, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my very own blog now ;)

  • Uh huh -

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