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Backlink Solutions Review


backlink solutions review


Backlink Solutions is a different breed of article marketing tool. It is really a hybrid of a traditional spun content submitter like Unique Article Wizard and a blog network poster like LinkVana. It shares some things in common with both, though it is actually unique in this round up of tools.

Like LinkVana, Backlink Solutions uses small snippets of articles (as is the Backlink Solutions nomenclature, personally I like to call them “blurbs”). They are 150 words. Not enough to be a real article, so just a “blurb”. You get one link that you can put into each blurb and the nice benefit is that you can spin the content so that you can distribute it to many sites and get multiple links from the same piece of source content. This is one of the major distinctions between Backlink Solutions and LinkVana. LinkVana uses smaller blurbs of just 100 words, but you can only submit them once and they will only go to one site and no content spinning is supported whatsoever.

Spin Away

As has already been stated, spinning is supported in Backlinks Solutions. However, I did notice that it is not fully supported as in most tools. Nested spinning is not supported and will yield garbage content. Nested spinning is where you spin content within other spun content within it, or, in other words, two levels deep of spinning. The program only supports single level spinning. Not a huge problem, but a limitation nonetheless.

Spinning is not required, though I would highly recommend it as it will give you more bang for your buck for sure by generating multiple links per post. One thing that is unclear is that there are no recommendations whatsoever as to how many spun versions you should generate. It is unclear if you should spin 20 versions or 200. Clearly part of this is common sense and would depend on how “spun” your content is, but the point is it’s just not clear on where that benefit is maximized. The spinning syntax is standard for the industry, so there are no surprises there and common spinning software like Magic Article Rewriter or our favorite TheBestSpinner can output in the format used by Backlink Solutions (provided you do not do multiple levels of spinning as discussed earlier).

Backlink Solutions is currently closed to new registration. Membership to Backlink Solutions is strictly invitation only once a month as a few spots open up. To be invited to join you must click through to their site and place your name and email address in. They will email you a backdoor link when spots open….CLICK HERE TO BE NOTIFIED…


The Structure

You start off by writing a standard snippet of 150 words or more. After that you apply links to the snippet in a clumsy but effective manner. There are a couple of input boxes where you specify the keyword you want to link and the link URL and it will create the link for you. I say it’s kind of clumsy because most programs like LinkVana or MyArticleNetwork just have a simple link editor that you use that is much more elegant and easier to use.

After writing the snippet, you generate it and an intermediate data format is created that you use to send out to the distribution sites. As stated above, you can also choose to “spin” the snippet content if you so desire. Next comes the awkward task of copying and pasting the snippet into the submission form. I’m not sure why the software can’t handle this on its own, but it is rather tedious and annoying. After you do that, you can select a “preview” to make sure that everything appears correct. The problem is, if it isn’t, you don’t have a copy to go back to. The instructional video actually tells you to make a copy and save it in notepad in case there are any issues. Well, let me tell you, the first time I went through this there were many issues. First it has a box for three links, but you are only allowed one. Then came the realization that there was no “going back” and I had to rekey stuff in again. Next came the seemingly simple yet oddly mysterious task of adding a title. You would think there would be a standard input box for the title, but there isn’t. You have to read all of the fine print on their intermediary format to see how to include the title – again, odd and cumbersome. A great deal of time was spent the first time through trying to figure out all of these little oddities such as finding out how to add a new project – the instructional video never mentions it. It’s right there, but it is also easy to miss the first time through.

Lastly, you assign the snippet to a project, choose one of the twenty-one categories and a publication drip date and set it to publish. You can later alter the distribution rate of publication – how many links per day go out – from a separate view of the active projects.

Other Features

Backlink Solutions also supports the publishing of full length articles with two links per article instead of just one for the 150 word blurbs. The problem I had was I am not sure what a “full length” article is as it is not specified. I’m sure if you create a large enough article it will not “error out” with two links and you can discover what that limit is. I would speculate that it is probably around 400 words, but I don’t know that for a fact. For me, the less I have to write the better, so I just use it for the 150 word blurbs, spin them for maximum effect and call it a day. That is the strategy I would recommend as well. Call me lazy, but I didn’t find that article size requirement anywhere on the site and since I am most interested in the smaller blurbs anyway, I didn’t ask support.

Another feature that you may wish to take advantage of is the built in outsourcing feature. You can purchase snippets written for you on the keywords of your choice for a payment of $2 each. This is handy and easy enough to do, but a little on the pricey side.

Backlink Solutions is currently closed to new registration. Membership to Backlink Solutions is strictly invitation only once a month as a few spots open up. To be invited to join you must click through to their site and place your name and email address in. They will email you a backdoor link when spots open….CLICK HERE TO BE NOTIFIED…


The Results

In general we really like Backlink Solutions, even though the tone of this review might lead you to think otherwise. It is much cheaper than LinkVana, and it offers spinning to the content which allows for more links easier. It is definitely far less of any elegant interface than LinkVana, however. LinkVana is clean, elegant, fast, intuitive and easy to use. Backlink Solutions unfortunately requires you to jump through a lot of hoops and requires you to write 50% more content (150 word posts versus 100 word posts for LinkVana). The question is, is it worth it?

The answer to that question is a resounding “yes” it is worth the extra submission hassles in order to reap the benefits of more links. It would, however, be nice to see a more elegant and functional design.

What We Don’t Like About Backlink Solutions

As I’ve detailed in the review, my only real gripe is just the clumsy nature of the software itself. The product appears to be solid and I believe it is a good value when compared to its nearest competitor, LinkVana. It offers similar features and only 2/3 of the cost and more features with the support for spun content as well. What I would like to see, however, is a complete overhaul of the functionality of the tool and a better instructional video to get you started quickly.

The software is a hosted online program and so it gets high marks from us for that – we are not big fan of standalone software programs requiring local installation and administration. With some programming and polishing it could be a top notch tool, but as is it gets average marks for usability and above average marks for functionality. The real truth is that you will have to be the final judge and fortunately they do have a 21 day trial period, so you can take a test drive for yourself and see if you agree with me or feel I just had too much caffeine today!


The pricing for Backlink Solutions is very competitive at $97. When compared to its nearest competitors, it is approximately $50 cheaper than LinkVana. When compared to others, MyArticleNetwork is $67, Unique Article Wizard $67, etc… it falls in the middle of the pack. But all in all, it is a fair price for a solid product.

Backlink Solutions is currently closed to new registration. Membership to Backlink Solutions is strictly invitation only once a month as a few spots open up. To be invited to join you must click through to their site and place your name and email address in. They will email you a backdoor link when spots open….CLICK HERE TO BE NOTIFIED…


Backlink Solutions Bonus Offer

Backlink Solutions is amazingly powerful, but writing a bunch of short posts everyday can be a chore, so as a bonus to you if you buy through our link we are going to assist you with that. If you purchase Backlink Solutions through our link we will send you five (5) FREE SPUN Backlink Solutions snippets each month you stay subscribed to Backlink Solutions. The snippets are provided by, so you can be assured they are top quality, 100% unique and spun snippets of at least 150 words each, which is what is minimum required for a Backlink Solutions post – Each snippet can give you a multitude of posts and links. You wont get a Backlink Solutions coupon code, just a killer bonus you can actually use and you will also receive a 10% off coupon code for any future orders of Backlink Solutions posts from To redeem your bonus simply follow these Backlink Solutions Bonus instructions. Once we confirm your purchase was made through our link, you will receive your bonus.

backlink solutions review

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30 Customer Reviews

  • Overall Rating33333
    Ease Of Use33333
    Network Size22222

    I like linkvana better, I had better results, and much easier interface with linkvana.

  • Overall Rating33333
    Ease Of Use33333
    Network Size33333

    Agree with previous reviewer, I left Linkvana for Backlink Solutions to save $50 a month…… I went back to Linkvana. The interface wasn’t as good, the blogs seemed to be better at Linkvana too. The grass isn’t always greener.

  • Overall Rating33333
    Ease Of Use22222
    Network Size44444

    I tested BLS for a month and decided it wasn’t worth the trouble. The interface sucks, and the spinning didn’t work. This could have been my error, but it definitely isn’t user-friendly. It did get results, though. If you’re in an ultra competitive market, I suppose it would be a competitive advantage to use every network. For me, LV and a few other gems do the trick nicely.

  • Overall Rating33333
    Ease Of Use11111
    Network Size22222

    Did a test for backlink solutins, here are the results:

    – 1 spun article (each sentence rewritten once)
    – 3 different titles
    – distribution to 45 blogs, at 10 per day
    – 2 very relative keywords targeted.

    The results:

    - Moved from 23 to 12 for first keyword
    - Moved from 16 to 7 for the second keyword

    Some decent results for relatively good keywords. Not too competitive, but has decent volume.

    Spinning didn’t work properly, article was posted with half the spin code. Maybe it was my mistake thou.

    Interface is HORRIBLE. Training video sucks.

    Overall I’d say join this network if you’re in a highly competitive niche and need every upper hand possible against the competition. Also the network can make sense for SEO agencies that need tools in their inventory to do a good job for clients.

    Don’t join this network if you have one or several sites. There are other ones with better interface, good results and wider distribution.

  • While you guys are comparing Linkvana and BacklinkSolutions, I’ll invite you to try out our latest service It’s a familiar setup, you add some content, insert your backlinks, and we distribute to a high PR domain on our owned network. Where we differ is first on price ($59/mo for unlimited backlinks) and the fact that we actually have High PR domains. With most of the services, Linkvana included, you never see anything higher than PR3. We’ve got a ton of PR4s, many PR5s, and even a few PR6s.

    Everyone gets 10 free links as a trial, so give it a shot and let us know your thoughts.

    And BTW, I think you’ll like our interface much better!

  • Overall Rating33333
    Ease Of Use11111
    Network Size33333

    So I took the plunge and got a BLS account. It’s too early to tell but it better be effective given how horrible the interface is coupled with the complete lack of recent, accurate documentation.

    The quick start guide has screenshots of and references to features that were phased out. So no help there. The video looks like it was recorded a long time ago as well. It too covers features that are now absent and has instructions for doing things that are no longer necessary. The video’s narrator has a ridiculous Boston accent and a lisp, sort of JFK meets Daffy Duck, which was enough to make my ears bleed. Trial and error is the least efficient road to mastery, but get ready to embrace it because you are on your own.

    It isn’t that difficult to figure out, but having no documentation instead of crappy help would’ve saved me some time as I ended up “learning” stuff that wasn’t applicable e.g. blog registration.

    My one suggestion based on my BLS newbie usage would be to use the spin tool instead of the snippet tool. The spin tool has boxes for titles in addition to the key word boxes. I pasted in my short snippets, or “shot thnippeth” as they might say in the video, in spin syntax from MAR then added the keyword and titles. The spin tool output is in their goofy required format and all set for pasting into the poster which is helpful. The snippet tool has no place for a title and I really didn’t see any good reason to use it unless maybe I felt like only making one post without a title. The drip rate setting and the way it works suggests to me that there has to be a better way to schedule posts and ensure that I get the maximum amount of links each month.

    Impressive results would be enough to offset the unimpressive interface and documentation I suppose. I’m hopeful that it will prove effective enough to put up with the shortcomings.

  • Question to Build My Rank – Why don’t you allow spinning? I would love to get 4-5 back links from 1 post…I think that’s pretty reasonable amount of spinning…

    Of course I can myself write the same stuff in different language, but if a tool handles it, that’s useful…I don’t want to buy a tool just to give me spun versions…

  • quote:

    ”While you guys are comparing Linkvana and BacklinkSolutions, I’ll invite you to try out our latest service It’s a familiar setup, you add some content, insert your backlinks, and we distribute to a high PR domain on our owned network. Where we differ is first on price ($59/mo for unlimited backlinks)”

    Just been to BMR and it’s not $129 a month, doubled in 2 months which makes it a no goer

  • Phil,

    The price did go up from its introductory price, however the $59 a month can still be had as long as you join during your 14 day trial period. So the catch is sign up a free trial, as long as you join within those 14 days you can still get it for $59.



  • Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use55555
    Network Size55555

    The new Backlink Solutions setup is amazingly easy. You buy a text stream from Mike and Troy’s and you paste it for 20 posts – it cant be any simpler. Beats the manual upload of Linkvana and Build My Rank. And its cheaper then both of them because of spun content the cost of acquisition is way lower.

  • Can anyone confirm what Charl said that they have a new setup?

  • Yes, I can confirm…

    It used to be that you had three separate logins to Backlink Solutions. The first just got you into the system and then they had two separate poster site logins. Now it is all integrated. First of all there is only one new and revised poster – and it works nicely. Secondly, there is no separate login for it anymore. This makes it much more intuitive to use.

    At first, Mike and I were not super impressed with Backlink Solutions because of their interface and several “quirks”. However, I’m actually very pleased with it now – especially when used in conjunction with The Best Spinner. The Best Spinner has a feature that allows you to generate a single output “stream” of text rather than individual files. Using that option you can directly generate one stream of up to 250 posts and just paste that one single file into BLS and have them all queued up. No manual posting, no manual linking – very sweet. The format looks like this:

    <p>Body of your 1st post of at least [url=]150 words[/url]. Of course you will have much more text than I'm using in this example.</p>
    |~|Title of Your Post|~|

    <p>Body of your 2nd post of at least [url=]150 words[/url]. Of course you will have much more text than I'm using in this example.</p>
    |~|Title of Your Post|~|

    So, by including the meta tags for the title parsing (at the end of the post – kind of odd, but that’s how they do it) and their format of the URL and anchor text inside the post along with The Best Spinner’s ability to generate a stream and you’re all set! This tip really makes Backlink Solutions a great tool and super efficient to queue up with lots of content with very little effort. That plus the fact that they are spun content friendly really makes us happy. Of course, you’ll get the best results by sending high quality spun content – don’t spam them with crap guys…

    Hope that helps!


  • troy, what about the limitation of links or posts? as i know they give some post limit, 33 posts at maximum per day. It means 66 links at maximum per day. BLS doesn’t fit for someone like me who worked for many website. How do you think?

  • Hi Vicky,

    Yes, Backlink Solutions does have a 33 link per day limitation. All of these tools have pluses and minuses. One thing that you should keep in mind. At the beginning Mike and I were of your same opinion – “I need unlimited links”… but over time we’ve kind of changed that approach. What we’ve found is that with many of the tools that offer unlimited linking, the quality is simply lower. And if you think about it, it makes sense… Since they have unlimited links, people flood them with links and that means your link will sit on the homepage for a very short time and will have a much higher probability of not getting into the index. So we just end up purchasing multiple accounts, which does add up in cost, but if you’re getting the ROI for it, it really doesn’t matter, right?

    About the only exception that comes to mind right now is Build My Rank. They allow for unlimited links and you can get in very reasonably if you purchase during the trial period and their quality is very good. But there is *always* a reason. The reason they are the exception to the rule right now is that they are a new network and have relatively few users as they’ve only been around a few months. As they grow I would suspect that they too may put a cap on the maximum links that can be posted in order to preserve the quality of the network.

    Hope that helps…


  • Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use55555
    Network Size55555

    I prefer Backlink Solutions to the others. #1 They allow me to use spun posts, which means it is much easier and cheaper then Linkvana and BuildMyRank to outsource my posts creation. #2. It is much easier to post to because I can create one text file with all my spun posts and upload it to Backlink Solutions in one shot. With Linkvana and BuildMyRank you have to post each one individually. #3 At $97 it is much cheaper than Linkavana on subscription alone, but more expensive than BuildMyRank, however the true price for me is calculated with savings in outsourcing post creation. The quality of the sites is every bit as good as Linkvana and BuildMyRank. I have yet to try Blog Blueprint, so I cant comment on that one, but they accept spun posts as well, but just don’t have a built in spinner.

  • Overall Rating44444
    Ease Of Use55555
    Network Size44444

    Mike, would you happen to know if they still provide you with links from social networking sites?

  • I have a question, though I have not really tried this (I’ve signed up for it though)

    What were the errors that you encountered on pasting the blurb? I would love to try this one out as the manual copy-pasting really appeals to me. I think that I could live with having copied it all on Notepad and all that, just to be sure.

    But I also like the way they provide that output stream.

  • I am considering joining I do have a concern over the number of sites, on your sales page you say 200+ is this still the case? I would think that even in 1 months time at 33 post/day I would end up with several links from the same site?

  • Currently they list that they have 445 sites in their network – a pretty good size really. You can get a lot of mileage out of that and will have several months of good link building before you’ll inevitably run into the repeated domains. Even if you’re doing everything to just one domain, you’ll still likely get great results for about three months just due to indexing issues and such. We’ve been seeing great results with BLS lately and are very pleased with it.


  • I’ve been using BLS for 10 months now and I love it! The backlinks show up and they actually stick. Sure the system is a little clunky but once you get used to BLS, its very easy to use. Once a month I spin a bunch of articles and submit them to the BLS posting que and I’m good for the whole month. I just sit back and the backlinks roll in.

  • We couldn’t agree more Shelly… To us BLS is still a “hidden gem”. It’s been out there a long time, but for some reason a lot of people still discount it. Most likely because of the interface issues you’ve mentioned and at first we weren’t big fans either. But now it is one of our favorites for its simplicity and the ability to just paste in an entire stream of posts directly from the output of The Best Spinner and, as you said, queue them up for the entire month.



  • I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

  • This service now sucks hard. To many posts / day, nothing remains indexed. Their network is full of spammy non-good content, duplicates, with gambling and porn.
    They DO NOT care about their network. To be honest, i think they forgot it! They just take the money of the people.
    Damn..before 1 year, BLS was really powerful, now after the algo change is for the shit.
    I really cannot believe that you “seo gurus” are promoting BLS to the public..and thats because you can make affiliate money.

    You are not good either.
    What a shame

  • hey Kris,

    This review was written Jan 25, 2010 – at the time of writing this review everything that was stated on this review was correct. Fast forward 1.5 years and I do agree that their network has degraded greatly this year, so much so that we no longer use them. Posts do not get indexed, and actually many of the sites are not even indexed. There was a push to rebuild once upon a time, but we never heard a thing about it again. I would not recommend BLS to anyone at this point either and it is not due to an Algo change, it was already in decline before that and has only kept declining.

    We are not promoting BLS – never have, we reviewed it. It is NOT on our BEST LIST – it is not stamped with Mike and Troy approved like other products we stand behind – so to say we are promoting something for money could not be further from the truth.

    Thanks for stopping by, even with that chip on your shoulder.


  • Hello Mike,

    Okay then delete the whole words immediately. Remove any stars-rating and update your blog each day or each second day, e.t.c. If you cannot do it i can do it. People will still try to use them because they are curious. They will lose money and the most important – time.

    And btw, i can give you honest reviews with examples and websites + keywords for all the services. I have used them all.

    BLS lost the potential to be the true number 1 service out there. Lazy guys.


  • Why you delete my posts?

  • Hi Kris,

    Nobody deleted anything – comments don’t show up on the site until we approve them. We receive 100′s of spam posts a day so we cant have comments being auto approved. You saw your comment when you wrote it and incorrectly assumed it was live – but it was not. It is now AFTER I approved it.

    The star ratings listed above are left by users, such as yourself. If you feel that unsatisfied with BLS you should leave your own star rating on your next comment – we don’t edit those, they are left by commentators for others too see.

    - Mike

  • Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use55555
    Network Size55555

    I used to be a member and then I left for a very long time, and am back again… yes it is harder to use than most interfaces, but once you get a hang of it it’s all good and fast… set and forget! :)

  • I checked the Linkvana web site and in the intro video they are talking about a new dashboard which looks pretty cool and good for managing and optmimizing a large number of sites. Now I am in doubt if the combination The best article spinner and backlink solutions is still the best?

  • Overall Rating11111
    Ease Of Use11111
    Network Size11111

    I wouldn’t reccomend Bad Link Solutions.

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