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submityourarticle review, submit your article review


SubmitYourArticle is what I like to call a hybrid article submission tool. While the concept behind it is not necessarily unique they have a few features that make them a pretty powerful part of the article submission war chest. When it comes to article marketing there are a few alternatives, you either blast your articles out to directory’s or you blast your articles out to someones distribution network. SubmitYourArticle actually brings the two together. They claim to have 100’s of websites or article directory’s within their distribution network, as well as email subscribers they send your articles too, this isn’t new or novel, in fact Unique Article Wizard does the same thing only they do it to 1000’s not 100’s. But what makes SubmitYourArticle different from UAW is that they also will submit your article to top article directory’s, or major article directory’s as they like to call them. Now they only have six (6) major article directory’s they auto post too, but they are 6 big ones. EzineArticles, Articlebase, GoArticles, ArticeAlley, SearchWarp and IdeaMarketers.

Spin Away

Spinning your articles when sending to a wide distribution is simply a must. SubmitYourArticle uses what they call Article Leverage to spin your articles. Basically when you add an article into your SubmitYourArticle queue you have the option of sending the same article everywhere, or using Article Leverage. The way Article Leverage operates reminds me of the UAW interface. You are asked for up to 5 variations of the title. Next you are asked for at least one additional variation of your first paragraph, and there is a more button where you can add more variations if you so choose, we recommend at least 3 variations at minimum. For subsequent paragraphs you are asked if you want to do sentence spinning or paragraph spinning. If you can, do sentence spinning, it’s much more effective for uniqueness, but for simplicity paragraph spinning is easier. Now while this is very effective for spinning an article, someone such as myself who has a spun article pre-written would very much appreciate a place where where I could simply copy and paste the properly formatted article in without going through all the steps of using the GUI. While I can see these being extremely valuable to someone who is not as familiar with spinning syntax and the steps involved, for a more seasoned person they may prefer the speed of copy and paste. So that would be a feature request of mine.

Other Features

As mentioned above the one item that makes SubmitYourArticle stand out is that they are in essence a hybrid of an article directory submitter with distribution network submitter as well, and we like that. We personally use many tools such as MyArticleNetwork, Linkvana, Unique Article Wizard, SEOLinkvine, Backlink Solutions, ArticleSubmitAuto and more to distribute to a very wide network of sites, someone just starting out may not be able to pay all of the fees for so many services, so a SubmitYourArticle account would give you some wider dispersion beyond just article directory’s. The interface is also very simple and intuitive to use. As previously stated, it somewhat reminds us of UAW, but UAW could take some pointers from these guys on interface development because it is not as cumbersome (although UAW has redone their interface now). If you regularly promote many websites, SubmitYourArticle does have a Resource Box Manager where you can store a multitude of resource boxes, so as you add your articles you can simply select from your list of resource boxes. Another key feature of using Submit Your Article is that your article is published in their own Article Directory. I am not sure if this an advantage or not, but that is something they tout, but it didn’t look like that impressive of a directory to me nor do I recall seeing any articles from that directory showing up in niche SERP’s, but it’s a feature only available to SubmitYourArticle members. SYA also allows you to schedule your articles. You can select a distribution date too or select it to distribute as soon as possible. You are also able to set your distribution rate utilizing SYA’s Article Trickle technology which makes distribution look more natural. This is a very important feature that we always look for in submission software or services – you never want to blast your articles all out at once. The distribution target is set from 2-90 days apart so its pretty robust.

The Results

Well, it does what it states. We submitted an article and had it approved within 24 hours. They distributed to the 6 major article directory’s and to their distribution network, which are also comprised of article directory’s and websites over our scheduled time. Many people may dismiss SYA based on the 6 major article directory’s but keep in mind, those 6 directory’s are generally where you see 85% of your return on investment anyway. We also like the fact of the distribution network which is comprised of article directory’s and websites. However we received no proof that their distribution is of any value. You basically are submitting to 6 major article directory’s and a minuscule distribution network or minor article directory’s. We recommend UAW, MAN or SEOLinkvine over this at this time, and we will not be using this article submission tool at all going forward.

What We Don’t Like About SubmitYourArticle

While we found SubmitYourArticle to be impressive in its features and user friendly interface there is much room for improvement. The first item, which was pointed out earlier is that we would love to see somewhere we can copy and paste our pre formatted spun article into so we could move through everything much quicker. This may not be an issue for others, it was for us. We also were not impressed with the fact that they only distribute to 6 major article directory’s. Readers of our other reviews will know that we are not fans of the send your article to 100’s of directory’s, but 6 doesn’t seem like enough to us, in contrast ASA sends to 30, but doesn’t have a distribution network. Also the distribution network is only 100’s of sites, again, in contrast UAW claims 1000’s. But at the price of less than half of what UAW and ASA would cost combined you get the hybrid all in one. For those that are looking to save some money this would be a very viable solution, but if you can swing it, I would recommend getting ASA along with UAW or MAN, or all three would be better.


SubmitYourArticle is expensive at $47 for a monthly subscription. Not that $47 is expensive to submit to 6 directory’s and a distribution network. They do add the additional distribution network, but like we said we didn’t see any proof that did anything for us. A few weeks after submitting an article, we only found our article on 6 directory’s and 3 other sites. When there are services such as ASA or Jetsubmitter that do more article directories for the same price or lower, or MAN and UAW that do so much more for $47 and $67 respectively, we would say you can spend your $47 elsewhere and probably receive much better results.

** NOTE ** There seems to be some confusion on what is considered an article directory and what is not. Please see commentary from Steve Shaw in comments section. What we call article directory’s are the 6 they list as “major” article directory’s, what we call distribution network he refers to as article directory’s as well. So to Steve’s point SYA submits to 100’s of article directory’s within their distribution network, even though we didn’t see too many. In all fairness, we should probably run another test, since our test article had a typo in the title. One more point we didn’t make was that SYA does provide a wealth of training, thanks to Stewie for mentioning that.

SubmitYourArticle Bonus Offer

SYA may bring you some results, but in order to see those results you will need articles to post. If you purchase SubmitYourArticle through our link we will send you one (1) FREE spun and ready article each month you stay subscribed to SYA. The articles are provided by, so you can be assured they are top quality, 100% unique articles that after each spin are 400 words. You will also receive a 10% off coupon code for any future orders of spun articles from To redeem your bonus simply follow these Submit Your Article Bonus instructions. Once we confirm your purchase was made through our link, you will receive your bonuses.

submityourarticle review, submit your article review

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26 Customer Reviews

  • Overall Rating44444
    Ease Of Use55555
    Network Size44444

    I have had success with SYA.

  • Overall Rating22222
    Ease Of Use33333
    Network Size11111

    not worth $47, maybe $7 or even $17. But damn 6 article directory’s? I can do that manually with copy and paste and save the $47.

  • Overall Rating44444
    Ease Of Use44444
    Network Size44444

    Unfortunately your review, while I’m sure well-intended, has some serious inaccuracies regarding our service, and as such is very misleading.

    The main issue is that you state we ‘only distribute to 6 article directories’ – completely and utterly FALSE. The 6 directories you mention refer to major directories where we use our member’s own log in details in order to log in on their behalf and submit their articles. For example, if you had an account at or, it would be better if we could submit via an existing account you had with them, right? That’s what we do here.

    But you neglect to mention (or for some reason are simply unaware of) the fact that articles are also submitted to hundreds of other article directories where we don’t require the member to provide us with their personal log-in details, not to mention hundreds of email addresses where publishers of ezines etc. have double-opted in to request content from our members, and publishers taking content direct from our RSS feeds.

    In fact, we get several new publishers signing up to receive content from us on a daily basis via our Publisher Dashboard facility.

    So I’m not quite sure where you get your info on ‘miniscule distribution network’ from, but would be grateful if you could correct the inaccuracies in your review, and we obviously need to do a better job in giving people the right impression regarding our distribution network.

    In terms of the single article you submitted through our system and on which you appear to base your entire review, I did a quick search on Google for your article title [Title Removed] (the error in your title would normally have been picked up in our editorial approval process, but looks like this one slipped through) and it came back with 266 results straight away (with our own article directory at the very top), but would no doubt have been a lot higher without the title error.

    In brief, and in contrast with your review, articles generally end up being published in hundreds of places, and the majority of users have excellent results with our system (check out other independent reviews, like at [Link Removed])

    [In terms of the rating I give here, it's obviously biased but to be fair I'll simply match our member above who rated the service similarly]

  • Overall Rating33333
    Ease Of Use55555
    Network Size33333

    Steve, I deeply appreciate you stopping by my site to rebut my review about your product.

    Please keep in mind that we use these tools each and every day, so we call it as we see it as users not product creators. I have no doubt SYA is a great tool and in fact I lauded many of your great features, however based on our experience we have found much greater success in using other tools. Not everyone has the luxury of using many distribution tools and must select one, so if they are looking for just one, yours may be the one they enjoy, you do offer a money back guarantee so I implore people to give it a shot and see for themselves.

    Now, you did mention the specific article title that we distributed through SYA and pointed out that the title showed up 266 times in google. You are correct, your directory shows up #1 for that article title, that is awesome. However when you look at the other sites where that articles shows up you will notice that the resource box listed does not match the resource box we used in SYA. Meaning those distributions, unfortunately, are not attributed to you. After receiving lackluster results we ran the same article through MyArticleNetwork, and that is where the majority of those posts found in google are coming from and not from SYA as can be seen through the resource box or anchor text. Also if you dig into the 266 you mention, most of them are double listings and tags from blogs from the MAN distribution, In fact one blog had a whole page of listings for that title due to recent posts and tags etc, so 266 is being extremely generous.

    That being said Steve, my test may have been askew due to my using a misspelled title, so maybe all your distribution partners rejected my test article because the title was misspelled. I wont discount that. My review still stands, I am sure I may have gotten better results with a proper title, but I still see UAW, MAN and even ASA as better alternatives – that is my opinion, and my review. The best option is always for people to check out the product themselves and be their own judge, and they can do that due to your money back guarantee.

    Thanks for stopping by,


  • Overall Rating33333
    Ease Of Use33333
    Network Size33333

    I’ve been using SubmitYourArticle for some time, and appreciate that it does submit to some good places.

    Unfortunately it doesn’t have a large enough network (IMHO), nor a very powerful spinner. I distribute most articles via MAN/UAW, and find it difficult to justify the monthly fee for SYA. I’m presently looking for a cheaper alternative to submit to the Big 6 directories.

    Forgive me if I’m not using SYA properly, but I don’t know how to get dynamic titles, authors, or resource boxes. I further find it difficult to do proper spinning as I’ve got to keep the original article open in another window in order to understand the context of the sentence being spun. As an old school coder, I much prefer using a wee bit of syntax in a text editor to a GUI. I also wish SYA had {keyword} functionality in the Article Leverage toolbox.

    I realize that you can key in resource boxes manually in SYA, but that’s very time consuming. UAW is much more rubust in this regard. I also find it quite limiting in not being able to represent more than one author/site. I could probably justify the cost if I could spread it out across multiple authors/domains, but I don’t believe that is possible.

    This is a good product, but not worth the pricetag without a more robust toolset, and a larger distribution network.

    When I hear of a SubmitYourArticle 2.0 I’ll be one of the first signups if it comes with most of the functionality that I’ve mentioned above.

    On a sidenote, SYA does come with some very good training and articles.

  • Overall Rating33333
    Ease Of Use44444
    Network Size11111

    Been using Submit Your Article, and had some good success with the tool, however I have to agree with comments above, as the size of the network doesn’t justify the cost.

    Looking forward to Submit Your Article 2.0 – still having top directories, + tons of other features.

  • Overall Rating22222
    Ease Of Use44444
    Network Size11111

    I would say that this is a good system to use if you are a beginner… and you don’t have too much expectations. You are right in saying that they did succeed in getting our articles out to the sites they promised, but I really didn’t see anything from their distribution network. But then again, if you are new, you might want to learn your way with this tool.

  • This is kinda difficult for me. I find SYA easy to use, especially the spinning part. But, and this is a big but, i have not seen any contributions from having my content showing up in their article directory.

  • Overall Rating22222
    Ease Of Use44444
    Network Size11111
    PriceNot Rated

    This is my rating for this by the way

  • This is my rating for this by the way

  • Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use55555
    Network Size55555

    I must sing the praises of SYA. Their distribution is awesome when you consider the fact that many of their publishers are top-notch.
    If you submit lackluster articles – you get lackluster results.

    However – if you hone your writing skills, and submit top quality
    content – you can EXPECT at least 20 to 25% of ALL viewers to republish the really good content.

    Here are my specific results: 90 days after continued use of SYA:

    I got a huge (600% sustained traffic increase) to my Web site.
    (Not just a traffic spike) This is awesome to say the least. My traffic still continues to climb – and I attribute it all to SYA

    30 (articles submitted over 90 days)

    Total views on JUST THEIR SITE: 1,875 (as of Dec 10)
    Total articles REPUBLISHED by VIEWERS = 388 (as of Dec 10)

    This equates to having at least 20% of ALL ARTICLES REPUBLISHED

    At this rate – if 20% (and higher) of ALL viewers republish the content, if rate this continues, and every distribution point has the same amount of my content republished….How many hundreds of thousands (or more) will publish it?

    How many millions of eyes will it then reach?

    You do the math. The whole point here is: submit great content,
    and you too will get great results!

    I have even had coveted publications such as
    reprint my content, as well as other huge Newsletter publications.
    Thank You For Your Services – I will continue to use you.

  • Mmmm, not sure which way to go on this. I think I will do more research 1st before I decide who to sign up to.

  • I need to look further. The cost is a bit high for 6 popular sites, however the content is king rule has to be considered. I will look around, but several article mavens, like Mao Flynn, have recommended this site with a couple of others and the pricing may be a consideration. Not sure, but the spin tool is important as well.

    Just have to see. A trial might be in order for 7 days or so to get the feel. With a short approval period you’ll get an idea if this meets the feel good test

  • Hi Bill,

    To be fair, it is more than 6 sites, they have a distribution network as well, and we have not reviewed SYA since their relaunch – we will be doing a follow up review shortly to see if anything has changed. They offer a money back guarantee, you could always consider that your trial, because the option to refund does exist. I am not sure who that person you mentioned is, but if you believe in him or her, follow their advice, nothing better than a referral from someone you know and trust.

    Thanks for stopping by, and you could always check out our best list for a list of our favorites:


  • I have only recently started to use SYA so have not had chance to evaluate it fully yet.

    They have made a change now in so much that you can spin an article using a spinner such as The Best Spinner and import it straight into SYA without having to do any spinning inside SYA.

    They now allow you to put 2 hyperlinks in the article itself. These are left in place when they submit to blogs and websites, but are changed to plain text when submitting to article directories.

    SYA manually check your article and make sure that you have chosen the most appropriate category for it, so perhaps this may help reduce mistakes and increase the chances of being accepted by EZA now that they are clamping down on quality.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Overall Rating44444
    Ease Of Use55555
    Network Size44444

    I have been using SYA for 4 months now and I am very pleased with the results. I also used MAN, SEO LinkVine, and a couple of other services. My articles do get published on MANY article directories, I also got published on SiteProNews, articles do get re-published a LOT, and I got some good traffic spikes through ezines.

    The system has been much improved in November 2010 and spinning is now a breeze (it was a pain before the upgrade). In terms of SEO, I noticed that MAN gets you quicker results for rankings but SYA is definitely a very good tool to build links, too.

  • Hi Mike

    To update your review, SYA now offers a number of new features, some of which have been in place for a few months now:

    – Multi-pen names
    – The ability for you to copy and paste your pre spun article directly (as Ann and Stephen kindly point out above)
    – Submissions to hundreds of blogs/niche websites
    – A completely revamped members area


  • Thanks for stopping by again Steve, I have been meaning to do an updated review of SYA – but time has not allowed me too, hopefully soon.


  • Does the panda update affect this type of marketing now?

  • Hi there,

    I would like to see an updated review of SYA’s new $67 per month service. So if anyone has actually used it for at least 90 days and is happy with the results, I’d like to read about it here.


  • I have a huge concern with anyone using these types of submitters unless you can slowly trickle the content into directories. Having done SEO effectively for many years my chief concern is how Google is making changes to the Panda algorithms which will eventually have the ability to decipher articles which are spun . Spinning articles does not work unless the content is spun with precision so the resulting article makes sense. Keep this in mind when you are considering submission software and spinning articles.

  • Nice review. Although I think almost all review sites just want to get commissions and a lot of times give favorable reviews even when the product is really not worth the money, this particular review proves otherwise – it proves that you can be honest about it. Somehow I agree with Paul (above) that you make an updated review of SYA’s new $67 a month service just to be fair, though I personally think that for the same price you’ll get better results with some other product. Just my opinion.

  • 2 things I don’t like about this review.

    1. Smells like a third party writer.

    2. Inconsistencies. At the beginning, the 6 major directories + 100s of smaller directories seem to be a plus. But later, it seems as though SYA only has 6 to submit too.

    3. No conclusion/Summary.

    So, it’s priced a little high, but is it worth it? Why would anyone consider it? Any alternatives? Is the training useful? etc etc etc.

    After price, it suddenly jumped to your offer.

  • Hi Aaron,

    #1. Well it was not written by a 3rd party writer – it was written by ME 2 years ago. To be fair, this review is now dated. And should probably be updated. But at this time, we have no interest in using SYA nor testing it again, maybe at a later date.

    #2. It’s not inconsistent, go back and read, right in the first paragraph I stated that this is nothing new and novel and that UAW does 1000’s compared to their 100’s – where is that inconsistent? And then I explain, that we saw no proof that any of those articles even were distributed anywhere.

    #3. Aaron – did you even read this or just skim? We list about 6 other places we would use above SYA at that time? I didn’t take the training, wasn’t something I was interested in. I certainly did not join SYA for training. One of our site commentators mentioned they found it helpful, so I made mention of it. There is a lot more information in the commentary as well. And what offer? Our bonus offer? We offer a bonus at the end of every review for anyone that chooses to use our link. So what? The review was over. We gave our conclusion – we said we will not be using it any longer and stated what other programs we recommended above it, therefore from that one can conclude that we DID NOT believe it to be worth it, or we would have continued to use it. You obviously didn’t even read the review, and just came here to drop a link to your site – which you didn’t get.

    It seems like this comment was written by a 3rd party commenter, since you don’t appear to have actually read the review.

    Thanks for stopping by

    – Mike

  • Hello,

    I am interested in purchasing spin syntax from you. Just a couple of quick questions:

    Do you offer quadspun sentence spin syntax? (Spin syntax with the sentences spun four times)
    If so, what is the cost for an article of around 500 words?
    How can I order?

    Thanks, Tyler

  • Tyler,

    Please go here:

    – Mike



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