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Instant Article Factory Review


Instant Article Factory Review, Instant Article Factory, Instant Article Factory Coupon, Instant Article Factory Bonus


Well Jon Leger is up to his old bag of tricks again, and out of his bag he is just about to pop out Instant Article Factory. Instant Article Factory is a guided, template based article producing wizard that has a lot of Jon’s signature “spun” tricks thrown in for good measure. While this product has not yet been released, we wanted to give you some quick information about it so you could see what’s on the horizon.

We all know that writing articles can be a pain. It’s laborious, time intensive and not exactly the most fun way to spend your evening. However, many cannot afford to purchase content either and so their article marketing needs suffer. Or worse, they hire someone very cheaply (usually from <name your foreign country here> with a thick written “accent”) to write their articles and wonder why they are full of grammar errors or “odd” wording and structure that we don’t use in the US. The end result is poor quality or that you just give up on article marketing. But the reality is that article marketing is very important to getting lots of links for your site and improving your search engine rankings. Fortunately Jon understands this and seems to be on a mission to make article writing easier.

Jon has already produced market changing software like The Best Spinner, Keyword Snatcher and Instant Article Wizard Pro and now he’s about to release another – Instant Article Factory. The concept behind Instant Article Factory isn’t anything revolutionary – there have been other similar products released before. But the way Jon approaches everything with article marketing is with the “spun” backbone behind it – and that makes for a winning combination.

So, how does Instant Article Factory work? Quite simply it is a “wizard” that walks you through the creation of an article by filling in the blanks to some questions and completing partial sentences on an onscreen form. You start out by picking a pre-defined “template”. For example, a template might be something like “The Top 5 Reasons Why…” (now the last part is left blank on purpose). So, you pick this template and it will walk you through filling in a bunch of questions and completing some sentences and it will use that data to compile an article of approximately 300+ words. The templates themselves are “spun” content, so even if you use the same template, you will get different results. The templates are also organized in such a manner as to minimize the amount of writing you have to do so that you can really crank out an article fast.

Watch Instant Article Factory In Action …CLICK HERE


So, just how fast is it? Jon walks you through the process (explaining as he goes) and it only takes him 3:38 to complete an article. Now, if you’re a fast typer I can easily see how you could do an article in about 2 minutes or less. That’s pretty darn quick and sure makes the tedious and mundane process of article writing much, much easier.

Spin Away

Instant Article Factory follows Jon Legeder’s The Best Spinner approach and fully integrates spinning into the article creation process. First of all, the templates that you select from are spun templates. This means that there are various versions of the boiler plate text that you are using to seed your article with ensuring you will have more uniqueness in your output article. Secondly, Jon allows you to put spinning into the text of your user-supplied content as well. So, as you fill in the blanks, you’re free to use the standard spinning syntax supported by The Best Spinner within your content. This gives you even more freedom to make the content unique.

The Structure

The way the program works is really pretty straight forward. (check out the images below – click on them to zoom in) After you log in you select Article Templates to select the template you want to base your article on. There are lots of different template variations and, remember, each template is spun as well so it has several inherent different versions already. Jon has expanded the templates quite a bit and I’m sure there will be many more to come. At the time of this writing – July 12th, 2010 – there are 17 different templates. Here are just a few examples:

  • 3 Reasons You Should…

  • 3 Things to Avoid…

  • How To … In 3 Steps

  • Product Review

  • Pros and Cons…

  • The 5 Golden Rules Of…

  • Top 3 Tips…

  • And several others as well…

As I said, Jon has already updated these a couple of times, so I’m sure that many more will be coming and the list above is just a sampling of the 17 currently provided. Okay, so now you have a template selected. (check out the images below – click on them to zoom in) Next you simply walk through it and fill in the blanks. The text is logically arranged so that this is an extremely straightforward and simple process – not to mention FAST. Jon demos this and shows how he creates an article in under 4 minutes using this software – it really is that fast and easy. Many of the boxes that you need to fill in, will be automatically filled in with “suggested” text that you can either accept or modify or delete entirely – it’s totally up to you. Lastly, you save your article. It is then saved to your account for future use and it also presents you with the final product – both visually as well as in a text box that you can copy/paste easily.

Now, it truly is that simple. However, there are some things you can do to “spice it up” if you want. For example, the program supports spinning of the text you enter. So you can go through and spin some of the words or phrases till your heart’s content. Personally, what we do is just ignore the spinning and save the article. Then we take the output article and run it through Jon’s best invention The Best Spinner and spin the *entire* article. If you spin within Instant Article Factory you will only be spinning part of it and we like to be a bit more thorough. Plus, by using The Best Spinner, you get all of its features and benefits and the process goes much, much faster than trying to manually spin within Instant Article Factory.

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Other Features

Another nice feature that is just beginning to take off, is the use of “user templates”. This brings a community aspect to the program and allows users to create their own templates and contribute them to the community. This is a great feature and I’m sure it will help get many more templates going quickly for the entire user base of Instant Article Factory.

Another Neat Idea…

So another great way to use this tool is to have your virtual assistant use it to write articles for you. Give your assistant the topics and let them churn out a few different articles for you. They will likely produce better quality articles and a lot faster as well – a “win-win” for both you and the assistant.

The Results

The results are just as expected – simple, fast and reliable. We are actually pretty impressed with the quality of most of the templates and the results that the generate. At first we thought the product might be a bit of a gimmick, but after using it for a few days now (we got an early release copy for evaluation) we were very pleastantly surprised. The resulting quality of the articles is good and you can make them very good if you just put in a little bit of effort. Take the time to give thorough information and answers in the “fill in the blanks” forms and you will get a much better end result. As always, you will get out of it what you put into it.

Watch Instant Article Factory In Action …CLICK HERE


What We Don’t Like About Instant Article Factory

Every now and then we found some text that we thought was a “little awkward” in the spun templates. In fact, if you zoom in on the second one of the images above you’ll see an example of what I’m talking about – “so what is the truth right here?”. Probably some sort of spinning artifact that needs to be cleaned up. But these small errors are both infrequent and easily corrected, so while less than perfect, it’s still very, very good. In general most of the templates are pretty clean and robust. The only other thing we don’t like is the annual renewal, but, as software developers we understand the need for that. Programs take a lot of time and effort to develop, so having a recurring annual fee is something that we can accept. Besides, the price is so affordable that it is really a non-issue.


The pricing is $77 with an annual rebill. Now, the rebill is not something we’re super fond of, but like we said above – we understand. If you think about it though, that is really dirt cheap. There are no monthly fees or monthly bilings – just a once a year $77 fee and if you divide that out over 12 months it is a rediculously cheap less than $7 per month! Now, you can’t even outsource even ONE quality article per month for that, so again, we feel the price is very affordable.

Instant Article Factory Bonus Offer

Instant Article Factory appears to be yet another amazing tool by Leger who apparently does not sleep. The thing is you can create article an amazing pace with this tool, but we can help you with article creation as well. If you purchase Instant Article Factory through our link we will send you two (2) FREE 100% custom created articles for whatever keywords you are marketing after. The articles are provided by, so you can be assured they are top quality, 100% unique articles between 400-500 words. You will also receive a 10% off coupon code for any future orders of articles from To redeem your bonus simply follow these Instant Article Factory Bonus instructions. Once we confirm your purchase was made through our link, you will receive your bonuses.

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Instant Article Factory Review, Instant Article Factory, Instant Article Factory Coupon, Instant Article Factory Bonus

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7 Customer Reviews

  • I cant wait for this one myself. This will make things a snap for me. Leger just keeps outdoing himself.

  • Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use55555

    Just picked it up a few hours ago and have been playing with it. I created an article in about 10 minutes but it was my first one so I took longer than necessary. I can see 5 minute articles once I get the hang of things. Best $47 I have spent this year.

  • Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use44444

    This is a godsend for people like me who can’t write a single paragraph of coherent text! THANKS!

  • Overall Rating44444
    Ease Of Use44444

    When I first read this, I was like, yeah right, $7 a month for quick and easy articles. I’m not gonna fall for that. But then I went to the site and saw the money back guarantee, and thought what could I lose?

    So I tested it out and never left :) I used three templates. It’s not really 5 minutes, because you have to change and edit some stuff, but it still made writing a bit easier for us! Thanks guys for pointing this one out.

  • I think that this is a great tool that allows you to have a great seed article in no time at all :)
    I agree with you that you should use these seeds in The Best Spinner to get more out of it.

    But, let’s say you don’t have The Best Spinner, would it make a difference in terms of the quality, seeing as you can only spin some parts?

  • Great article. Having the visuals helps to make a decision

  • Overall Rating44444
    Ease Of Use44444

    Good software i have also used it.



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